Family business: Is it your livelihood? Your legacy? Both? Regardless of your level of involvement, you want the enterprise to succeed and endure.

Successful businesses often struggle to remain viable against uncertain economic times, technological advances, shifting consumer preferences, and volatile markets—even without the complexity of dealing with family members. 尽管面临这些挑战,一些家族企业仍能在几代人之间蓬勃发展. What makes them different? 更重要的是,你如何从我们所说的冠军家族企业的经验中学习?

These successful family businesses take a long view, investing in the company’s development for future success. The champion family concept is linked to the family champion, 作为催化剂帮助其他家庭成员变得更有效率的家庭所有者. In order to facilitate significant development and change throughout the family, 家庭冠军参与并激励家庭共同努力,维护他们的遗产.  Ultimately, family champions create champion families.

This book offers clear examples, 实用的技巧和具体的建议,开始在你的家庭锦标赛元素. Each chapter ends with questions for you to consider, based on the material you’ve just read, 激发你对冠军的想法和与你的情况相关的问题的思考. 这些成功家庭的智慧和他们的故事可以引导你绕过共同的障碍,并为你的企业家庭提供灵感, regardless of its size or complexity.

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Who can benefit from this book?

  • Multigenerational business families across many sectors and geographies, grappling with increasingly complex systems and growing families. Especially valuable if you are going through transition, 当你可能不确定继承或领导,以及如何最好地管理你的家族所有权团队. In such cases, your potential family champions can act in positive and effective ways.
  • 冠军家庭谁想继续保持他们的成就和促进连续性. 按照持续学习的理念,这些家庭的工作永远不会完成,而最成功的家庭总是在寻找将有益的方法, applicable information to promote their longevity.
  • 家族企业中的个人,来自家族、所有者、企业员工这三个圈子中的任何一个. 这包括那些想要为公司长期发展安排最好的人员和流程的老一代成员. 它还包括看到与转型相关的挑战和其他挑战并希望有所作为的新一代成员, whether as budding family champions or just as owners seeking positive impact.
  • 与家族企业一起工作或管理家族企业的专业人士,他们希望更全面地了解影响他们的绩效和家族福祉的动力和模式. 


这本书为几代人的家族企业的成功故事开辟了新的天地. Its focus is on the nature of innovative and resilience energy in the family, and how it often flows not from top to bottom, or from the old to the new. 推动生产变革和更新的往往是新“崛起”一代的精神和奉献. Through case studies that highlight the authors’ research, 这本书展示了家庭如何通过投资于每一代新人的人力资源来投资创新.”
—Dennis Jaffe, Ph.D., Family Advisor, Wise Counsel Research

“While plenty of wonderful family business books have been written, Josh和Greg在前人的基础上,很好地向我们介绍了任何成功的家族企业中可能最关键和最具催化作用的利益相关者:家族冠军.”
—Steve Lytle, Trustee, Director, Investor and Family Business Owner

“每一家成功的家族企业都会更好地认识到家族冠军在其成功背后的关键作用. 阅读这本书将有助于确保家庭冠军的条件,以行使他们宝贵的领导力,为其家族企业的长期连续性. The lessons of successful families will resonate with you and encourage you.  The book’s stories and graphics will stick with you.”
—John L. Ward, Ph.D., 凯洛格家族企业中心临床荣誉教授,澳门十大电子游戏公司联合创始人

乔舒亚和格雷格发现了一个宝贵的事实——最有影响力的家族领袖并不总是有名片,甚至没有正式的权力. 他们的工作鼓励和挑战着我去识别和赞美我自己家庭中的“非传统”领导者和影响者.”
—Chris Herschend, Vice Chair, Herschend Enterprises

“我希望读这本书的人能认识到家庭冠军角色的重要性, and how they seek to unify and help the multigenerational family business.  I’ll recommend this book especially to executives in family business, 由于家庭冠军的工作是积极和直接地提高信任的三个领域的家族企业积极促进明确的使命, values, communication, professional boundaries and healthy development of governance processes. As the family develops into a champion family, 企业领导人松了一口气,外部董事和非家族员工也看到并感受到家族带来的稳定和承诺.” 
—Heidi Vermeer-Quist, Psy.D., Psychologist (Clinical & Family Business Consulting)
G3, Former Ownership Council Chair, and Former Board Member of Vermeer Corporation